LO: To explore beliefs about saving the Earth, animals and the environment and human’s responsibility for this 

Today, Phase 2 Water were looking at different beliefs on looking after the world and everything in it. We focused on what the Bible says about Christians having a responsibility to care for God’s earth. We also discussed how this does not always happen and we read the book ‘Fish’ by Brendan Kearney which shows how our oceans are polluted and full of rubbish because humans have not looked after them. The pupils then created pieces of art to reflect this important topic.

Home learning 24.5.23

This weeks home learning is in preparation for our new unit of Pioneers and Engineers.

We would like you to research Pioneers and Engineers who are important to our history and create fact file about them and their work. Or… you can create a list of Pioneers and Engineers and give a brief description detailing why they became so important to the development of the world we know today.

3D shapes

Today in group 3, we continued our learning of 3D shapes by making them out of items in the classroom and using paper shape nets. The children did a great job, discussing the shape’s properties as they made them. One student even taught the class to draw the perfect cube.

Home learning 17.5.23

On Friday we will be learning about the artist Jan Poynter and her work. Please have a look at some of her art and have a go at sketching something from outside your window, taking inspiration for her work. We look forward to seeing your art tomorrow.

Times Tables

Please log into Times Table Rockstars and spend 15 minutes practising your times tables. Please also complete 2 sound checks so we can see how you have got on.